All options to get the right name for your project
Our three unique naming solutions

The name finding service for businesses

Experienced naming pros develop first-rate naming proposals. Select your rate, complete a questionnaire, and the FlyingNames team will get to work.

The smart naming tool for business founders and startups

The intelligent name finding assistant will provide you with step-by-step guidance and help you find a great name for your business. Utterly simple and simply clever.

Name finding solutions for anyone who wants to be creative

Find your favorite name generators and specify the kind of name suggestions you want. Refine all settings to reflect your tastes precisely.

Name Factory - Generate various names

The Name Factory is the heart of NameRobot. Here is where you will find various intelligent name generators which can generate names based on your keywords. If you were expecting simple random name-generating machines, you were wrong! All NameRobot tools are based on extensive calculations and are programmed to follow linguistic and grammatical rules.

Name generators for company-, project- and product names

All these are useful tools which will help you create perfect company-, project-, and product names. Simply try out all name generators to find your favourite naming tool.

In principle, you can find all kinds of names with the tools from the Name Factory. You can use them to find names for private use, such as first names ir pet names. The Wordshop also offers tools for inspiration and a great first name lexicon.

However, the focus of the Name Factory is finding names for companies, organizations, products, services, projects of all kinds, websites / blogs, and events. You can find a business name for everything under the sun with NameRobot.

What are you waiting for? Start your naming project now!

Try out the tools from the Name Factory right now! Simply register now and start finding your perfect name!

Create company names – Name Factory

You will find the following tools in the Name Factory:

  • Name-o-matic

    NF-Nameomatic-EN You want your name to sound different than anything else you know? Embark on a journey to untested waters and find wacky names that you have never seen before. Name-o-matic combines or merges your thematically relevant keywords in unexpected ways and proposes audacious ideas for names. Do you dare?
  • Fantasizer

    NF-Fantasizer-EN Finding a name that is a purely made-up word and carries no meaning is not easy. The Fantasizer finds great sounding fantasy names, without having to develop nonsense syllables first. Simply pick out the best suggestions which the tool offers completely without any input. A fantasy name is especially suitable for cool startups and projects.
  • Modulizer

    NF-Modulizer-EN The basic frame of your name is set, but you're still not convinced 100%? Carve out the best of your name idea with the Modulizer and turn it into a true name. This tool is particularly suitable for the changing fantasy names which still lack the finishing touches. You can also use it on oridinary words to conjure surprising new names.
  • Merger

    NF-Merger-EN The Merger is a universal tool for anyone looking for a clever name: It does the tedious work of merging words at appropriate positions in no time. It finds pun names and makes sure to test all possible combinations. Merged words are clevitty and originice. ;)
  • Combinator

    NF-Combinator-EN A name that makes clear what it stands for: Combined names are often an elegant solution to communicate benefits, features, or the USP. You think trying all possible combinations of keywords is too complicated? Not with the Combinator! It gives you a quick overview of the best word combinations.
  • Supplementer

    NF-Supplementer-EN You want a name that is descriptive and yet special? The Supplementer uses your keywords and embellishes them - with handpicked prefixes and suffixes or interesting words, according to your wishes. The only thing you need to do: Select the most beautiful name suggestions.
  • Acronyms

    NF-Acronyms-EN If you are looking for a classic style name just like the well-known companies, Acronyms is your tool of choice. It combines your keywords to different kinds of abbreviations. An acronym name allows you to place all important keywords in your name.
  • Quick Tools

    NF-BasicNames-EN Automatically generate three different types of names with the quick tools "Basic Names", "Mixed Names" and "Fancy Names". They work with your collected keywords and create names which are tailor-made for your project, from classic keyword-oriented names to visionary fancy names.
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