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3 March 2017: Big Supplementer Update 

  • Complete overhaul of the Supplementer's suffixes 
  • A total of 9 categories for supplemented names: General and creative name endings, as well as special suffixes for creating distinct names from several categories: Space & time, persons & groups, super & great, nature, positive & lovely, technichnal & theoretical, and special.
  • Some minor bugfixes

11 January 2017: Performance improvements and tool upgrades

  • Performance improvement: NameRobot now runs on PHP 7 which makes to tools up to 50% faster than before.
  • New syllabification tool: Tools like the Merger or the Acronyms tool now produce even better results.
  • Domain Check and Trademark Check: The chosen settings will stay selected even when re-loading the page.
  • Some minor bugfixes.

4 October 2016: Tool upgrades

  • Domain Check: Now contains more than 600 top-level-domains to check
  • Trademark Check: Now contains the protection scopes Tunesia, Japan, South Korea (Republic Korea), Philippines, Albania, Bosnia and Herzogovina, Georgia, Iceland, Macedonia (FYROM), Serbia, Brazil, Canada and ARIPO (Africa)
  • Trademark Check: Protection scopes are now categorized for better clarity
  • MarkenCheck: New filter settings for Nice Classes and Trademark Status
  • Trademark Check: US- and EU-trademarks have been updated to the most recent status
  • Languages: The number of available languages has been upgraded from 21 to 91. The new languages are: Afrikaans, Albanian, Arabic, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Basque, Belarusian, Bengali, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Burmese, Cebuano, Croatian, Czech, Estonian, Galician, Georgian, Greek, Gujarati, Haitian Creole, Hausa, Hebrew, Hindi, Hmong, Hungarian, Igbo, Irish, Japanese, Javanese, Kannada, Kazakh, Khmer, Korean, Lao, Lativan, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Malagasy, Malayalam, Maltese, Maori, Marathi, Mongolian, Nepali, Nyanya, Persian, Polish, Punjabi, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Chinese (Simplified), Sinhala, Slovak, Slovenian, Somali, Sotho, Sundanese, Tagalog, Tajik, Tamil, Telugu, Thai, Chinese (Traditional), Ukrainian, Urdu, Uzbek, Vietnamese, Yiddish, Yoruba, Zulu
  • Rhymes: The rhymes database has been expanded and contains conjugations, cases and tenses. More results are shown simultaneously.

20 April 2016: Bugfixes

  • Improvement of the Quick Tools algorithms
  • Update of the word datebases
  • Bugfixes for Trademark Check, App Check, Social Check and Search Enginge Check
  • Fixed small bugs in the e-mails
  • Update of the Supplementer database
  • Revised the website structure
  • Lots of smaller bugfixes and improvements

15 September 2015: Bug fixes and Namefruits

09 February 2015: Better/new export function

  • Project and names export: The button "Backup project" in the project management now opens a pop up. You can download either a simple list of all words/names or the whole project as before.
  • There is second way to download names now: In the "name overview" at "My Names" you can also find a download button.

29 January 2015: Better regulators, new tools and settings

  • Supplementer: New "Alliteration" setting
  • Acronyms: "More"-button now to be frequently displayed
  • Acronyms: More name suggestions possible in the "Random Mix" option
  • Merger: Improved merging with the "Twin Finder;" among other things, 2-3-letter combinations containing one phonation will now be treated as one letter.
  • Merger: Revision of the "Syllable-Mix" regulators
  • Merger: New "Experimental Mode"
  • Versatile improvements of the quick tools: More variations, more beautiful results due to better language selection for translations, stricter rules and filtering of first name categories
  • Fantasizer: Almost completely new regulators
  • Fantasizer: Two new fantasy name settings called "Mixed" and "Exotic"
  • TrademarkCheck: Improved search of national trademarks (faster)
  • 3 new quick tools: "Varied Names," "Supermix-Names," "Extra Merged Names"
  • Diverse mini-repairs everywhere - mainly regarding the correct functionality and interaction between tools

27 October 2014: Bugfixes

  • An error in the SocialVote tool was corrected
  • Circumstances led to errors during the importing of texts and data, which have now been corrected
  • In the user profile for commercial customers, the VAT identification number and tax number have been merged into a single field
  • All prices are displayed as net prices by default

04 September 2014: Fixes and Improvement

  • Internet Explorer 8 focus problem has been solved
  • Translations in Quick Tools have been revised
  • Word database has been updated
  • Problem with checking EU brands solved
  • Problem with pop-ups and button calculations fixed
  • Problem with UTF-8 encoding when using Word Import solved
  • Problems when loading App Check, Social Check, and Search Engine Check have been solved
  • Quick Tool 'Fancy names': improved name suggestions under the setting "Fantasy names from first names"
  • Words are imported in the selected word group
  • Small problems with e-mails have been solved
  • The Supplementer database has been updated
  • An info box now appears when the Quick Tools are working
  • The number of products is now correctly shown in the shopping cart
  • Standard selection has been updated in Quick Tools
  • Linguistic variations are now being loaded into the sidebar
  • Problem with assigning languages in “Word Import” solved

01 August 2014: Important Update

  • New tool: The Word Report! This new feature displays all the info, facts and ratings for a name. It also comes with a PDF-export function.
  • The design of the tag bar on the page has been changed
  • The welcome “circle” has been replaced by a new, cleaner welcome screen
  • The “word import” area now has a welcome help text
  • The Quick tools of the Name Factory have been massively improved
  • Tools can now be saved as bookmarks and called up directly from the browser
  • New feedback/contact feature
  • A new polls module
  • Merger tool: the “Syllable Mixer” setting generates better hit-or-miss results; additionally, the Merger now finds even more “twins” at the beginning/ end of words
  • NameDuel: saves the maximum points achievable for every word
  • Order mails are no longer sent twice
  • New “Namerobot is known from” info page
  • New sharing bar with social networks
  • Display of alternating naming quick tips
  • Related blog posts can be displayed using “tags” (topics)
  • New icons in emails
  • New social sharing bar
  • Price table – clearer and more comprehensible
  • Access wizard with better options
  • Messages bar automatically deletes entries after 30 items
  • The browser forward / back features can be used for navigation in NameRobot
  • Better description of the categories in the order process

23 May 2014: Several Fixes

  • The new tool, 'Hidden Words', has been updated.
  • The new tool, 'Name Duel', has been updated.
  • SSL links are now being used in emails.
  • Users no longer receive double emails after account activation.
  • Better descriptions in the user's account.
  • AppCheck descriptions have been corrected.

09 May 2014: New tools and changes

  • The new tool, 'Hidden Words', is found in the Control Center.
  • The new tool, 'Name Duel', is found in the My Names section.
  • New 'Wizard' helps to find the best membership.
  • Start circle is now included for notebook screen resolutions.
  • You will now be able to compare NameRobot against other naming methods such as brainstorming or hiring an agency through a comparative table.
  • Namero-Mascot and pictures under navigation have been adjusted for mobile display.
  • Each page now has tags to make finding topics easier.
  • Language tool: unnecessary characters in some languages have been removed.
  • Quick tool 'International names': no endless loop anymore and better mixed results.
  • Quick tools no longer produce errors when different synonyms are used.
  • The domain registry now opens GoDaddy directly.
  • Trademark Check: the US trademark search now works faster.
  • Trademark Check: texts have also been revised.

15 April 2014: Optimized displaying and handling of results

  • Names can now be dragged and dropped to the Word Depot.
  • Better overview: All name results in the Name Factory are now being displayed without flag.
  • Word history: The storage interval of the word history has been optimized.
  • Payment with credit card: Input fields have been revised.

10 April 2014: Several bug fixes

  • E-mails in plaintext format have not been generated correctly. This problem has been fixed.
  • The "entry window" has been changed so that the orientation for new users is easier now.
  • Buggy drag and drop function in the Trademark Check has been fixed.
  • Word groups in the Word Depot get loaded correctly now.
  • The Supplementer's system of rules has been improved and the database has been extended.
  • The Word Import now generates a message when a word is already in the Word Depot.
  • The input boxes in the settings of many tools have been enlarged.
  • If words get overwritten with a new language the new language is assigned now.

3 April 2014: Brand-new tools, new settings

  • New name generators "quick tools" (Basic names, Mix names, Fancy names) have been released
  • A checklist as a guideline for name finders has been implemented
  • Tool Patchword: A new setting has been added which allows to search for words only within a word, not at the end of a word.
  • Database of the tool Supplementer has been equipped with additional words
  • The newly released tools have been included in the price list

1 April 2014: Numerous minor and medium changes

  • The Trademark Check has been optimized and can handle large queries faster.
  • The registration page has been overhauled and now provdes an overview of the registration process.
  • The login bar has been improved and now loads correctly even if external social networks cause problems.

19 March 2014: Server change and database update

Top news

  • We moved NameRobot to a new server, in order to improve performance.
  • Our word databases have been updated and now contain over 60,000 German and 260,000 English words.

Optimized order process

  • The error messages for credit card payments have been improved.
  • Only one order window can be opened at a time.
  • Articles will be remembered, even if not logged in.
  • The final step in the order process is no longer clickable if required data has not been entered yet.


  • The Trademark Check has been optimized and now relies more on our own databases.
  • When converting letters, graphemes from Esperanto are now treated properly.

More changes

  • An animation effect on Android devices has been fixed.
  • The login window has been restructured and made ​​more concise.
  • The e-mail texts have been revised to provide a better start with NameRobot.

17 February 2014: New partner for trademark applications

07 February 2014: New icons for tool navigation

  • The tool navigation has been equipped with new icons and colors.
  • A few errors in the order process have been fixed.

06 February 2014: Entry window added to tools

  • Upon entering the tools, a helpful window facilitates choosing one of the five sections of NameRobot.
  • An error with Google+ login has been fixed.

29 January 2014: Word import tools have been cleaned up

  • The Word Import section has been cleaned up and now shows helpful boxes when entering the tools.
  • The position of the video symbol in the help box of several tools has been corrected.
  • Error messages for non-existent rights for using a tool are now displayed in a central location for better visibility.
  • The latest news and blog posts are now displayed on the NameRobot homepage.

20 January 2014: Control Center problems fixed

  • Fixed an issue which led to problems with several checks in the Control Center such as Trademark Check, Social Check, Search Engine Check and App Check

17 January 2014: Improved demo version

Demo version

  • Users with free access to NameRobot can now recognize more easily that they are in test mode while in the tools.
  • Users with free access to NameRobot are now provided with sample results all premium tools. This enables users to test all premium tools with demo words.


  • The information displayed when a tool's queries are exhausted has been optimized and now offers suggestions for useful next steps.
  • Low priced offers for upgraders from starter and business memberships have been introduced.


  • New visitors at NameRobot can now find useful banners left of the content which provide orientation help for the site.
  • NameRobot has a new favicon which allows users to quickly identify NameRobot in their browser bar and bookmarks.

27 December 2013: Minor bug fixes

  • Name ideas in the tool Social Vote are now displayed correctly on mobile devices.
  • Some bugs in the Trademark Check have been fixed.
  • If you try to log in with a non-existent account, a more helpful error message than before appears.

20 December 2013 : New tool and bug fixes on the website


  • The new tool Social Vote has been added to the My Names section.
  • If you switch from a tool's extras to your profile, the Extras window is now closed correctly.
  • Fixed a bug in the Trademark Check that sometimes lead to errors with some trademark databases.
  • The buttons in the Modulizer have been optimized.
  • The intro texts to Control Center and My Names have been corrected.


  • The order process and the message window have been optimized for Internet Explorer 8.
  • An info mail is sent to you if your membership expires.
  • The NameRobot FAQ has been extended with information about the advantages of premium memberships, example settings in the tools, and information on security and privacy with NameRobot.

22 November 2013: Bug fixes in tools and new Rhymes tools

  • The rhymes tool has been completely revised and now offers six types of rhymes as well as a completely updated internal logic (more information in the news article).
  • Added a new help section on language allocation.
  • Fixed a bug in the Langauges tool, so that translations from the source languages ​​French, Italian and Spanish work again.
  • An error with the U.S. trademark database has been fixed in the Tradmark Check.
  • Fixed a bug where social logins in the login window were not shown sometimes.

11 November 2013: Various bug fixes in tools

  • Fixed a bug where, under certain circumstances, the activation link for the NameRobot account was not created properly.
  • Long project names without spaces are now displayed correctly.
  • Social Check: Results for Pinterest now no longer open in a popup but in a new page.
  • Search Engine Check: Results for Disqus and WordPress will now be displayed correctly when opened.
  • Word Depot: Help text on mouseover when changing a word has been adjusted.
  • Project management: If an invalid file type is imported, an error message will appear in the message window.

08 November 2013: Various bug fixes

  • The logo on the loading screen and in the tools has been updated with a newer version.
  • Words in the Word Depot will now be saved successfully after altering.
  • In the Word Import, line breaks in docx documents are no longer ignored.
  • The + symbol for adding groups in the Word Depot now shows a helpful text on mouseover.
  • A success message appears after the password for the NameRobot account has been changed.
  • The text fields for entering individual characters in the Fantasizer's "special" setting are larger now.

04 November 2013: Various bug fixes

Content and status messages

  • Additional status messages are now displayed in the Word Import.
  • Additional status messages are now displayed in the Project administration.
  • A paragraph on "exact search" has been added to the Search Engine Check's help.


  • The size of the input fields in some tools (like the Modulizer) has been improved.
  • The names in the First Names tool are not all displayed as male anymore.
  • The overall limit for the length of project names is now 50 characters. When exceeded, an appropriate error message is sent.


  • Social Login via Facebook now works on iPhone and iPad.
  • Our mascot Namero now also shows up when you visit NameRobot from a mobile device. :-)

25 October 2013: NameRobot's big update

Graphics & design

  • The NameRobot website has been completely redesigned.
  • Our mascot Namero got a graphical upgrade to version 2.0 and will now direct you through NameRobot with a new look. <3
  • The NameRobot website is now also be navigated with mobile devices thanks to responsive design.

Products & order

  • The order process has been completely re-programmed and is now more comfortable, looks nicer, and is much easier to navigate.
  • The NameRobot memberships have been revised: all access types are now available for one month each, or with a subscription option - however you need them.
  • The price list has been updated and now offers a quick overview of NameRobot's premium memberships.
  • Prices can now be displayed not only in Euros, but also in U.S. Dollars, Swiss Francs and British Pounds.
  • The payment methods have been improved. Credit card payments are now possible without Paypal.
  • A Welcome Window has been introduced which facilitates deciding on the right membership when first entering NameRobot's tools.
  • The Private membership has been renamed Free.

Technical stuff

  • Data is now always encrypted using SSL whenever you are logged in.
  • Keywords are now handled differently internally.
  • The format of exported NameRobot projects has changed. Backward compatibility with old project files is guaranteed; they can still be imported and will work properly.

Registration & account

  • User names are no longer necessary: new users register using their e-mail address and password only. Existing user names can still be used.
  • The registration process has been simplified and is now faster and more convenient.
  • You can now also register with NameRobot using your social log-in from Google+ or Facebook.


  • The menu structure of NameRobot's website has been revised and now has three main areas NameRobot, Products and Naming.
  • Naming topics have been introduced: NameRobot's content can be searched easily using a tag system now.
  • The NameRobot FAQs have been extended and now also cover questions regarding the Activation link, Delete account and What are NameRobot memberships? functions.
  • The footer has been rearranged and now links to relevant topics within NameRobot.
  • E-mail templates and texts have been revised.

NameRobot tools

  • A majority of the tools has been equipped with short help videos that show how to use them. These videos can be started by clicking on the blue camera at the bottom left of each tool.
  • The Information Windows in the tools have been renamed to Intro Windows.
  • Control Center and My Names are now also equipped with Intro Windows which appear when first entering the area.
  • The formatting of the tool help has been improved.
  • Tool help texts have been reworked.

Message window

The message window on the left has been revised and now offers:

  • Improved overview of news
  • Info bubble for new messages
  • Additional status messages and error messages, e.g. in the order process and project administration.

Minor bugs (selection)

  • Fixed an issue where clicking on the tool help repeatedly led to an unwanted error message.
  • Fixed an issue where the words from tool results sometimes weren't added to My Names.
  • Fixed an issue where the incorrect time was displayed in the message window.
  • Fixed an issue where the AppCheck found a result for BlackBerry World only with the second click.
  • Fixed an issue where the test versions of some tools on the NameRobot website provided no results.

12 September 2013: Trademark Check upgraded

  • New trademark databases added to Trademark Check for US, Swiss and EU trademarks.
  • Scope of trademark protection areas can now be checked separately for each country.
  • The results of the Trademark Check are now arranged more clearly in the results.


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