All options to get the right name for your project
Our three unique naming solutions

The name finding service for businesses

Experienced naming pros develop first-rate naming proposals. Select your rate, complete a questionnaire, and the FlyingNames team will get to work.

The smart naming tool for business founders and startups

The intelligent name finding assistant will provide you with step-by-step guidance and help you find a great name for your business. Utterly simple and simply clever.

Name finding solutions for anyone who wants to be creative

Find your favorite name generators and specify the kind of name suggestions you want. Refine all settings to reflect your tastes precisely.


Find out more about how serious we take privacy and confidentiality at NameRobot!

Who has the rights to the names you found?


NameRobot does not claim any rights to the names found with NameRobot.

It is the user's responsibility to ensure that no third-party rights are infringed. Please also take a look at our Terms and Conditions, especially 3.4.

Where can I find additional information about how NameRobot handles privacy and confidentiality?


Security and confidentiality are important issues for any name finder, so we at NameRobot want to make sure you know why you can trust us with your personal and business data.

In our Privacy Policy we present you with binding information about how we handle your data. In addition, our confidentiality manifesto informs you in detail and in plain language about our thoughts on the subject.

Can NameRobot's staff see my words and names stored in the Word Depot?


No staff member of NameRobot will ever view your stored words and names, unless you authorize us to do so when it is necessary. For example, this may be the case during a support request.

NameRobot staff have no access to any passwords because they are stored in an encrypted database.

We reserve the right to access the data generated by NameRobot's tools for statistical purposes. Any analysis is only used to optimize NameRobot's algorithms and databases, in order to provide better services for our users in the future.

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